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people were curious enough by the old TV to come and watch a film.

  • It's our new way to meet people with short films and raise their appetite for more.
    By street performance.



is the other fundament of our philosophy. We don't figure out people's taste, we ask them what they like.

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2012   -   2021

Type Time Description
July 2019 Experimental event "Sound Visuals" on HMSU Open Air Festival 2019
July 2019 Experimental event "Planetarium" on Wake Up 2019 Fest with self made dome
June 2019 FilmGateBG becomes official partner, Kinematograf provides 5 selections of short films for screening in special zone at Plovdiv Airport
June 2019 Participation in Street Art Fest in Troyan town
June 2019 Participation in Lago Fest in Samokov town
June 2019 Participation at Open Air Festival in Dolna Malina village
June 2019 Participation at Kapana fest in Plovdiv
June 2019 Sony becomes official partner of Kinematograf Media NGO
June 2019 Start of cineclubs at "Christo Botev" high school in Dupnitsa town
June 2019 Participation with a presentation on "Meetings of young european cinema", part of CinEd project
June 2019 Over 1 000 films are uploaded and free to watch on our site
May 2019 Participation with report on scientific conference "Techniques of teaching philosophy at schools" at South-West University
April 2019 The TV Experiment in the park gets massive reaction in social media, been reposted by Sofia Film Fest, Go Guide, media in Veliko Tarnovo, big cinemas, cultural organizations
April 2019 Veliko Tarnovo Municipality gives full support for our experiment with a TV in the park
April 2019 Launch of new type of events: in a mountain hut (Ambaritza hut)
April 2019 Official launch of in Slovakia with local team
April 2019 2000 votes by 412 users reached - the biggest measurable exploring of the viewers taste, registered on film screenings in Bulgaria
April 2019 Launch of unconventional performance - "Stop and watch" at National Theatre in Sofia
March 2019 Discussion on event with special guests Ventsislav Dimitrov - astronomer at "Rozhen National Observatory" and the chief editor Svilen Georgiev
March 2019 Partnership with InGlobo magazine
February 2019 Launch of first regular cineclub network at "Lycée de la langue française" in Sofia
January 2019 Launch of first business product to self-finance the NGO - team building with short films (DTE events)
December 2018 Participation in charity event, organized by the "Nonconformist Alternative" for New Year in G8 cinema
November 2018 Partnership with Zoya and Stenata, providing awards for the audience
November 2018 Launch of beta version of online voting system for the audience, during screenings
November 2018 First screening, programmed with educational content - architecture in cinema, ACEG University
October 2018 Start of events in Blagoevgrad
September 2018 Partnership with and r. Veliko Tarnovo
September 2018 Participation in kvARTal festival in Sofia
September 2018 Participation in Arts Night in Stara Zagora
September 2018 Participation in Kapana fest in Plovdiv
August 2018 Won 2nd place in start up contest Th13teen arts
August 2018 Curating 10 films on Summer cinema in Varna
August 2018 Curating the cinema zone of Beglika fest
May 2018 Participation in Mes Hispanico, a 1 month event for hispanic language in Veliko Tarnovo
May 2018 Participation on Street Art Fest Samokov 2018
April 2018 Confirmed accreditation for participation in Erasmus+ projects
April 2018 Start of live screenings in Stara Zagora
April 2018 Partnership with Plovdiv Time
April 2018 Participation with report and cineclub at science conference on topic "Innovative techniques for philosophy school education", South-West University
April 2018 Partnership with GoGuide
April 2018 Start of live screenings in Samokov
March 2018 Start of live screenings in Veliko Tarnovo
March 2018 Start of live screenings in Svilengrad
February 2018 Start of live screenings in Varna
January 2018 The total unique views of films on website reached 2 millions
January 2018 Partnership with 105.6 News NOW
December 2017 Organized a contest for best film review, awards of 250lv
November 2017 Represented countries on websited reached count of 55
September 2017 Start of events in Plovdiv
April 2017 Took part at conference on topic "Cinema and philosophy education"
November 2016 Represented countries on website reached count of 33
September 2016 Published films on website surpassed 500
July 2016 Took part at "Festival of Blueberries", Ambaritza hut
April 2016 Partnered a joint event at Bulgarian Culture Institute, Prague
July 2015 Took part at "Festival of Blueberries", Ambaritza hut
May 2015 Organized the Asenovgrad Film Festival, V edition
April 2015 Cineclub at Science High School, Gabrovo
April 2015 Cineclub at Aprilovska Gimnazia (April High School), Gabrovo
April 2015 Cineclub at 11th School, Gabrovo
January 2015 Cineclub at 22th School, Sofia
November 2014 Cineclub at Aprilovska Gimnazia (April High School), Gabrovo
November 2014 Hosted workshop at South-West University, Blaogevgrad
May 2014 Was part of jury and gave away own special award at Asenovgrad Film Festival
May 2014 Took part at music mountain festival "Atmospheric" at Stara Planina
April 2014 Start of Blagoevgrad live screenings
March 2014 Hosted seminar at South-West University, Blagoevgrad
February 2014 First show off on TV, Bulgarian National Television
January 2014 Registration of "Kinematograf Media" association and definition of ideal goals
October 2013 Cineclub at 18th School, Sofia
March 2013 Start of public events in Sofia
October 2012 Launch of 10.10.2012