Our NGO's purpose is to educate students, promote short cinema and bring more people to it. We have made our choice to do so by keeping high standarts of quality and by not letting commercialization as it leads to "mainstreaming" the films to mass taste, turning the "art" into "industry".

The only way to achieve these goals is to have a long term perspective different than big capital. Thus we operate as a non profit NGO, consisted of over 30 volunteers from 3 countries.

While we build a non profit decentralized structure to support short films, we increase the opportunities for filmmakers to profit from their films, by developing innovative ways of distributing short films. Listed below are all the ways we provide for you to present your film.


Regularly we organize public screenings in several towns. Mainly youngsters are regular visitors and these events together with our host do create informal atmosphere for discussions and good vibes.
These events help us fund the NGO's activities, thus they are non profit. They are the only way to attract media attention and support more filmmakers to get national exposure.

profit from tickets for 1 film screening
films produced after 2017 (including) and not free online
films available for free on internet


Jukebox but with films may be a good way to understand this new project. It aims to gather friends together in a cozy caffeteria and watch short films with stunning sound by wireless headsets. That's it.

Up to five people take a table, wireless mouse and headsets provided by BOSE.

A simple interface, screened on the wall invites them to pick up quickly a film from a catalogue.

After they watch the film, they will be prompted to give feedback, which later filmmakers may track in graphs.

Finally the group pays at the bar 1lv (0.50€) per watched film per person.

profit from 1 watch by 1 person
no restrictive contracts or special conditions, no problem film to be online


Sometimes we go to companies and work with teams to upskill through short films. People sometimes get very emotional on such events and they seem to be effective into awaking apetite for more short films into the customers.

profit from 1 screening
no restrictive contracts or special conditions, no problem film to be online


Regularly we go to schools and universities and organize discussion clubs, including rich program of contests and mind games. This activity is supported by volunteering students, who are translating, preparing, curating and hosting the clubs. This is a long term project of our NGO to sustainably grow short films audience in Bulgaria.
We put efforts into proving the effects of our methods, so we can attract funding and consequently start payments to filmmakers from cineclubs screenings.

no profit available now


To maximize the accessibility to the films we translate them to do subtitles.
After producing the subs, we send them to filmmaker so he can upload them on the original film's release.

activity funded by events profits


We have built a poweful partnership network, allowing us to operate as a PR agency at low cost, funded, entirely by the events profits. This allows filmmakers to reach national media outlets, otherwise unreachable, because usually short films budgets can not sustain PR expenses.
As a side effect this mainstream activity, supported by our NGO allows students to practice journalism independently in Bulgaria which is classified at 111th place in the World Press Freedom Index.

service provided to filmmakers for


Our platform is among the TOP 5 in size catalogues of quality short films, available to watch for free. Films are been published by embedding them. Film page could also redirect to paid watch link, however our site will always stay free for watching films on it.
Kinematograf is also free of ads and will always be.
Feel free to send us a link to your site and have it placed under the PLAY button.

film published for


The final step of the succesfull cycle of a film is to publish an interview with the filmmaker behind it. Coordinated with the film release on our site, as this multiplies the audience reactivness. The interview is also good as it stays valuable through years. When you want to work with new partners, they may tap in Google your name and have this insight popped up.

interview published for


... and we get more and more support by volunteers and organizations in several other countries, so consider the possibility to present your films also in the following countries:

Czech Republic


All quoted percents or "free" markings on this page above are the net profits per the filmmaker for the particular activity performed once.

Unlike typical VOD service, we do not follow restrictive policies, regarding your plan of distribution. It is enough for us to have your agreement to present the films on our channels, what you do with your film is up to you.

You will have full access to track all activities done with your film, including statistics, audience votings, profits, event photos, etc.

By sending your film we gurantee it will not be provided to third parties, nor published/screened anywhere without first having your clear consent to proceed further.